Look around and be honest with yourself…  Our culture has now degraded to the point where most everything is upside down!  We all see it, we all know it, we all feel it, there is no denying it.  With each passing day the assault on personal liberty, personal choice, and rights-to-conscience are getting flushed away as we capitulate to the ever-growing monster in Salem.  The PC culture is so toxic that people are afraid to speak openly about things.  Lucky for you, I have no filters, and no fear of speaking up, which is why I wrote this article.

At this crucial stage in American culture it’s necessary for each of us to reflect-back on our lives, and to ask ourselves some fundamental questions in order make personal course corrections (to re-calibrate ourselves) for the sake of our posterity, and the future of the nation.  Do we want to be free, or just free to do what Salem tells us to do?

The first question to ask yourself is, “Who is responsible for my conscience?”  I say, the answer is “you”, not Kate Brown, not Congress, not the Judicial, just “you”!  You alone are responsible for keeping your conscience intact, and in good shape!  I get the feeling that on Judgement day, some poor dumb fool will shout at God and say, “But the government made me do it”.  You see, the founding fathers knew that each person was responsible for his/her life and conscience, and that is why they framed our Republic the way they did; to keep government in a box!  There is no shifting of responsibility to another person!

Each day, I marvel that so many people have lost sight of the need to stand up against the dark-forces that seek to destroy the individual’s right-to-conscience.   Ironically, the Oregon Constitution makes it clear that “no laws” can crush your rights to conscience “in-any-case-whatever”.  But how many people actually take the time to READ Article 1 Sections 2 & 3 of the Oregon Constitution and to throw it in the face of Salem?

Given the chance, our lawmakers (Kate Brown & the democrats in Salem) would have us all surrender our rights & freedoms to obtain their insane utopian vision for Oregon (at our expense), and when their insane vision fails, “We The People” get stuck with the bill, and the clean up!

The clock is ticking down, and everything we know & love hangs in the balance.  Maybe it’s time to holster the remote control and toys, and instead, get involved with forming and implementing a solution.  Maybe it’s time to take back our lives from the minority group of people in Salem that have sold-us-out for George Soros cash!  They don’t give a “spotted-owl-hoot” for you, and that is a fact you should know by now!

The next question to ask yourself is, “Am I free, or just free to do what they tell me to do?”  We will discuss that question in the next article.

Michael Bowman is a resident of Columbia City.


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