My 11-year-old 6th grade granddaughter came to me the other day and asked for help studying for a test in her Health class for school. She presented a list of words with the definitions that would be on the test that they would be having the next day. ( Mind you this is a Health class with boys and girls together) I was floored at the list of words that she presented masturbation, clitoris, ejaculation, penis, erection, and the list went on, I have to tell you I am 68 years old and these words were never introduced to my vocabulary until much later in life I would have to say adult life.

I immediately became embarrassed and livid all at the same time. What are they teaching our children in school these days? Last year they taught one of my other granddaughters that there are 9 different genders or more. No there is not there are two genders a boy and a girl. How dare they teach this trash to our children at the tender ages of 0-15 years of age. I wholly understand the need for “young adults” to know the meaning of sex , reproductive system, puberty, body functions and communicable diseases, but really when has it become the right of the public school system to drench our young, vulnerable, impressionable minds with such private sensitive information.

Tell me what class do they teach morals, abstinence, self-control, responsibilities, consequences, self-respect, decency, family, civilized.

Whether people believe in God or not there are civilized rules that humans have lived by for many years. The difference between right and wrong, good and evil, civilized and animalistic. Killing and not killing. Stealing and not stealing. These idealisums are what differentiates us from being animals. Civilized people live together in harmony, have moral beliefs, have hope for a better after life, believe in the family unit love and marriage and children respectability private sex life.

Animals are just that wild and uniforms live in packs and live by no rules. And have no dignity.

You cannot possibly expect the minds of children going through puberty to handle sex talk thrown straight into their faces. For heavens sakes look what is going on around the schools and the world. You have generations of mixed up people.

Well getting back to the subject of the words and class. The human mind is stimulated by “words” our bodies are programmed to react in certain ways to words. For instance throw the word out there “pain” your brain automatically associates that word to an unpleasant feeling, throw the word out there “soft” your brain responds inkind immediately thinking of something smooth to the touch. So what do you think happens to the developing body and mind of a young person coming into puberty and sexuality when you through words out to them like orgasm sex, ejaculation. Think about it.

I’m not sure what I can do about this, but believe me I am on the war path and I am wholly unsettled about this matter and I think it is time to do something about it.

Help me out here.


Rosalie Wallace

St. Helens


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