My last article dealt with rights-of-conscience. This article deals with freedom. The question before every American is: “are we free, or just free to do what they tell us to do?”

If personal freedom is the keystone attribute of America, why are so many people eager to surrender their personal freedoms and finances to the habitual liars and thieves?

One of my favorite songs is “Patterns” by the “Wieners” (a local St. Helen’s band). The lesson from “Patterns” is simple; history repeats itself. Those guys knew it back then, it’s still true today. But why are so many people incapable of seeing the repeating patterns?

Consider this, until the Civil War (a.k.a. War Between The States), it was commonplace for slave-masters to control every aspect of a slave. Let that sink in for a moment. The slave-masters tried to control the very thoughts, beliefs, spirit, speech, and behaviors of slaves. There is a word for that type of control; tyranny.

Now, fast forward in today’s America the “master” is none other than “big brother”; even Salem has jumped on the “slave-master bandwagon”. Specifically, Kate Brown & the democrats in Salem must think we are free to do what Salem tell us to do. Salem ignores the people; they continue to push for socialism (tyranny), and the destruction of Oregon industry and families.

Remember, the Utopian promise of socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried, and contrary to popular opinion, Sweden and Denmark are not socialist countries. They realized; it does not work at all. Remember the only tyrant a man should tolerate is his wife.

Now then, freedom is awesome, but it comes with responsibility. We should all strive to live free and enjoy life without infringing on the freedoms & rights of others. We’re all responsible for our actions. When problems arise (and they do), when compromise fails (and it does) we have a remedy, it’s called court.

It’s a crying shame Americans continue to capitulate all things (freedoms included) to “big brother” as if “big brother” cares enough or knows enough to resolve issues. Trust me, based on previous performance, mathematics and the laws of probability it’s safe to conclude that “big brother” is not inclined, has no such knowledge, and no such will to resolve the issues. “Big brother’s” goal is to push for a false Utopian vision that will ultimately bring us to George Orwell’s 1984. History repeats itself.

My advice; don’t sell your soul for a cheap bowl of soup (Genesis 25:29-34). I believe Ronald Reagan was right when he said, “If the government knocks on your door and wants to help, slam the door and run!” And last, remember the song by “The Who;” Won’t Get Fooled Again.

Michael Bowman is a resident of Columbia City.


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