I am sitting here looking at a blank screen trying to compose this letter.  Part of my former career depended on wordsmithing, but it seems to escape me now.  Then I thought about the word "thanks."  We tend to use it so often; I believe the meaning is a bit diluted, so I went to my trusty Thesaurus to see if there was a better word.  I found thanks to also mean gratitude, gratefulness and appreciation.

The subject of my contemplation is the retirement of our Police Chief Marvin Hoover.  Where my general thoughts are gladness for the richly deserved rest from law enforcement pressures, I also must admit a sadness that the security this community has enjoyed under his watchful duty is at an end.  It is evident he loves this community and has protected it with honor and courage.  

In the eight and a half years I have been Mayor, I have witnessed his influence in helping to establish the K-9 program to stem the tide of drugs; helping to organize and instruct the Clatskanie Emergency Response Team (CERT); save lives; put bad guys in jail; and receive the Medal of Valor from the police agencies in Oregon for going into a hot situation to try and save his friend, Chief Painter.  There were many daily issues he dealt with as our Chief.  The list could go on and on.  I have also heard many compliments from all over the county about our Chief.

I have a particular respect for law enforcement officers because my “baby” brother is a retired Sheriff Deputy; my nephew was an officer until his deployment to Iraq and as an EMT on an ambulance in Lincoln County, I worked with both State Police and Sheriff’s Deputies on a regular basis.  Without honorable officers, we would live in a world of chaos and lawlessness.  I consider Chief Hoover an honorable man and officer.

And so I say, thanks Chief Hoover for a job well done.  You have this community’s gratitude, gratefulness and appreciation.  Enjoy your retirement knowing we will miss you and wish you all the best.  Just take it easy on the elk, bear and fish that you will have more time to pursue!

Mayor Diane Pohl


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Ms. Mayor--how dare you celebrate your racist former police chief, Hoover's, actions? Your support makes it obvious that his treatment of, and attitude toward, your own citizens, is acceptable. I am glad I am NOT a citizen of your racist haven. I could not care less how nice your town is, if this is acceptable and celebrated. Methinks that, perhaps, we might have a look into YOUR behavior. Your town seems to be rotting, and that usually happens from the head down.

I truly hope that this is the last I ever hear of your disgusting burg.

Sophie Katt

The notion that there actually TWO people as vile as this, in ONE small community's political hierarchy, is absolutely frightening.

Can you imagine the damage done to a town this size, by having TWO obviously mentally-ill leaders, one in the police department and the other in City Hall?

It's horrifying, really.

Santini Perico

Mayor Diane how much did you have to drink when you wrote this?

Sophie Katt

TOO much, apparently.

Or even worse, nothing at all: and this is the kind of person she really is - a VILE, IGNORANT racist who would stand behind an obviously mentally-ill man who makes monkey sounds in his professional capacity.

There's something SERIOUSLY WRONG, mentally, with the both of them.


Ms. Pohl: I was appalled to read your misguided expression of gratitude to a man who should never have been allowed to wear a badge. If your point of view is representative of your town, Clatskanie is about as far from a "Norman Rockwell town" as it's possible to be. I'm sure you understand that your missive encourages the harassment directed at the courageous officer who stepped forward. Are you without decency?


i'm struggling here. it seems likely that the mayor of a small town spent enough time with the chief of police to have a good sense of the kind of person he is. and that kind of person, to be crystal clear, is a dyed-in-the-wool racist who would at minimum makes jokes about beating someone while making sure he wasn't observed, as long as that person was black.

that's terrible, obviously. he's terrible, obviously. you are terrible, obviously. if you have an ounce, a scintilla, of decency, you will resign your position to consider how you came to this point in your life. i'd suggest a long walk in the woods with the elk deer and so on.


Mayor Pohl and the community should be offering thanks, gratitude, gratefulness, and appreciation to Officers Alex Stone and Zack Gibson. Former Police Chief Hoover's actions reveal a morally corrupt person perpetrating individual and institutional racism, and Mayor Pohl's letter endorses this deplorable racism. I urge the citizens of this community to rally in support of the two officers who did the right thing, hold community forums the better understand racism, and call on the Mayor to resign.


It appears that the town needs to start looking for a new mayor as well...It's reprehensible that a sitting mayor could condone such behavior from a police chief...Oregon has a long ugly racist past and it need to be left in the past...Zero tolerance for this behavior...Perhaps the Chief would fit in better in the southern states, where this behavior is acceptable...

It's a shame that with all that African Americans have had to endure, that we still have people like this man in positions of power...There is no acceptable level of racism or bigotry...


It's a shame you haven't addressed this Blue Wall of Silence that keeps Bad Cops employed and punishes the Good Cops for trying to do what's right. But by your own account you are part of the problem. Most likely this wasn't the first time you've tried to cover up for Police Chief Marvin Hoover. He's only served this long because all the good cops looked the other way, just like you are doing with heaping praise upon a dirty cop. Do you really believe we are all idiots? You should be ashamed of your own negligence. Seeking forgiveness for looking the other way for so many years would have been more appropriate.


I am willing to accept the possibility that this officer contributed to his community in a positive way during his career and that at the time of his retirement he deserves to have those contributions acknowledged. That said, by publishing this glowing praise of his service without even mentioning the ugly and inappropriate behavior that lead to his resignation you are clearly endorsing it. The two officers who exposed his actions should be rewarded (and protected) for challenging and exposing their chiefs racist behavior. By ignoring them and supporting the chief you do your community a disservice. Perhaps it is time for you to join him in retirement.

Denmark Vesey

I am appalled and outraged at Mayor Diane Pohl's support of Marvin Hoover, a blatant racist. She did not condemn his ugly and racist behavior because she agrees with it. Why was Hoover placed on paid leave before he was allowed to retire? He should have been fired. Mayor Pohl should never again serve as a mayor anywhere.
Officers Dustin Alex Stone and Zack Gibson have demonstrated courage and integrity.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer


While I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment in your comment, I'd like to call attention to one of your statements:

"She did not condemn his ugly and racist behavior because she agrees with it."

She might agree with it or she might not. It could be that Mayor Pohl chose the path of moral cowardice, which involved completely white-washing the situation leading to Marvin Hooper's "retirement." But you're right -- her failure to call attention to it is a form of *tacit* approval.

This is how white supremacy endures -- the failure of purported "well-intentioned" people to stand up and denounce racist behavior when they encounter it. I think there's a *whole lot* of that kind of moral cowardice in our society today, to be honest.




This police chief didn't retire willingly he "retired" because he had too. He should have been fired but for some reason he was not. That is the first issue.

Officer Stone filed the report on Police Chief Hoover for the disgusting violent conduct he displayed as a employee of the city and public servant to all people of that city regardless of their race.

Officer Stone states: “I’ve already faced a lot of retaliation, my wife’s been forced off the road twice,” Stone also said. “I’ve had people in the community yelling the N-word at me.”

Why is Mayor Dian Pohl so very very proud of and grateful of her beloved employee simulating a violent beating of a slave while he sang 'In the land of cotton...' (the words to Dixieland)?

Here are experts from officer stones report against Hover:

"Police Chief Marvin Hoover made the racist display when they attempted to debrief him on the arrest of black woman who threatened to file a discrimination lawsuit.

“I relayed several of the arrestee’s remarks such as, ‘When you look at me, my black and my nappy hair, all you see is animal,’” writes Officer Dustin Stone in his official report to the Oregon Department of Public Safety. “Chief Hoover interrupted me and said, ‘That’s what she is.’”

"Chief Hoover then began to act like a monkey. Chief Hoover placed his hands in his armpits and began scratching them. Chief Hoover also started making loud monkey sounds: “Hooo...hooo.....hooo....hahahaha...hooo.....haaah” While Chief Hoover was scratching and chanting, he started to move around the room, in a dance or jumping fashion. While jumping and moving about the room Chief Hoover momentarily beat his chest like Tarzan."

"I attempted to proceed with my brief until Chief Hoover interrupted me again. This time Chief Hoover said, “That’s what they deserve.” Chief Hoover then started to sing the words to Dixieland: “In a land of cotton...old times they’re no forgotten...look away...look away...look away...Dixieland.” While singing, Chief Hoover knelt on his right knee and began to make a punching motion with his right fist. While making a punching motion, Chief Hoover held his left hand in front of him in a gripping motion, as if he was holding a person by the shirt collar. In addition, while singing the words “look away” Chief Hoover moved his head back-and-forth to his left and right as if he was looking over his shoulder."

If you want to read the full report yourself here is the link:


Sophie Katt

It sounds as if Chief Hoover might be in need of a psychiatric assessment.

A PROFESSIONAL individual, college-educated - who behaves like this?

Sounds like mental illness, to me.

Only a TRULY mentally-ill individual behaves like an animal, makes sounds like an animal, and only a TRULY Mentally-ill individual does this, while in a "professional" capacity.

Obviously the pressure of his profession has gotten the better of him.

It is best that he retire NOW - so he can get the professional HELP he so obviously, DESPERATELY needs.


Mayor Pohl, if you don't take it upon yourself PERSONALLY to 1) shut down all incidents of harassment towards Officers Dustin Alex Stone and Zack Gibson, 2) have a thorough investigation of Hoover's involvement in cases involving minorities and, 3) clean your police department's house (because surely you're not foolish/clueless enough to think Hoover is a lone wolf,)...

Actually, I'm thinking that you are that foolish/clueless with a dash of stupid and a helping you're just like Hoover. What other excuse could there be for you writing such a letter?

But moving on, nothing to see here because racism isn't a problem AT ALL in this country let alone within law enforcement.

You should be retired, Mayor. Please join Hoover in the pursuit of elf, fish and bears.

Sophie Katt

Hoover's racism is REPULSIVE.

I can only imagine what would happen to any civilian if they dared making OINKING noises in front of him.

The only reason Hoover believed he could get away with such REPULSIVE behavior is because he's got the "support" of a woman like Pohl - who obviously holds the same opinion of minorities as Hoover.

The two of them, Hoover AND Pohl, are cut from the same, NASTY, VILE, IGNORANT kind of cloth.


I've had the pleasure of meeting two of the three officers that filed the complaint and have to say that these are men that you want in law enforcement. They are upstanding guys with good moral compasses. The city made comments in a previous article about Chief Hoover being a good and honorable man and I believe that they need to come out in support of these men making the right decision to file the report. A decision that they could not have taken lightly. They did so knowing that there could be repercussions and they chose to do the right thing. I am proud to know these men and I'm glad they choose to protect and serve this community.

quincy mayor

I had an issue with the city once and went to the current city manager who was threatening legal action via city code. I had documents for him to dispute the iSays and asked to have my lawyer to speak with the city lawyer. He said the city does not have representation. Now they do have an attorney?

The situation of chief Hoover had no transparency until people called big news outlets that are quite fluent in using the freedom of information act. The bottom line is most of the city council chose to sweep this one under the rug.

The mayor chose to stand behind Marvin, which seems regrettable if what is alleged is true. Mr True is the only one who has the moral compass to belong in city government.
To wait until an investigation is done is quite logical and protects. The coffers of the city.

To that note the city government chose to rebut on its promise to only raise water rates by a 8 dollar per month surcharge for 3 years and extended it another 3 years.
There should be a recall effort of the city government or ballot initiative on this issue .

I'm for firing the city manager and recalling city government except MR True.


Mayor Pohl,

If you consider Marvin Hoover to be an "honorable" man, perhaps you
need to re-define the meaning of the word?!
To me, he sounds like a despicable man. First, he performs this
overtly racist act in front of his officers, and then he harrasses
Officer Stone and his wife.
Is Clatskanie in Oregon, or is it in Mississippi, and it's 1950?
This is a man you should be ashamed was the police chief in your city.


Todd Firer
Milwaukee, WI


Oh come on now people...grant what chief hoover did was inexcusable without a doubt...but let's not go over board with wanting to give high praises to the two cops who filed the complaint...if truth be told these two cops are not so upstanding themselves...small town, people see more than they should especially late at night...what's the saying? Never a cop around when you need one!!! Why?? Cause they are too busy tending to others...and that is a fact!!

David Y

Probably is a perfectly reasonable response to any mid century conservative completely removed from the citizens of the community. Diane your rhetoric has such a subtle tinge of backwards old world ignorance I am impressed you could keep it this far at bay. Hopefully your time will end like the rest of your generation polluting the country

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