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    This special section is designed to provide you with a few of the many project ideas for improvements both inside and outside your home.

      People exercise for many different reasons. Exercise can improve one’s appearance, reduce the risk for illness, alleviate stress or anxiety, and even help pass some time. Exercise is often a social activity, but in the wake of social distancing guidelines issue in response to the COVID-19 ou…

      If you have a lot of moss (usually caused by too much shade leading to weak grass), the moss control is usually ferrous ammonium sulfate sold under a number of trade names. The dead moss needs to be either raked out or taken out with a de-thatcher machine. It is also a great time to rent an …

      If you have never had a vegetable garden or your experience vegetable gardening was a long time ago, you may be unsure about how to start and which vegetables to try. Here are a few ideas that may help your garden flourish:

      Root weevils: Adults notch leaves and larvae eat the roots. Control throughout the summer with insecticides or in October with beneficial nematodes.

        Neglecting a home’s exterior can be a disservice to homeowners, particularly those looking to increase the value of their homes. Curb appeal is important, as a home’s appearance can greatly affect prospective buyers’ perceptions.

          Technology has changed the way people live in the 21st century. Once ubiquitous, land lines anchored to kitchen walls have now given way to smartphones that can be taken anywhere. Bulky television sets that required at least two people to move have been replaced with high-definition offering…

            Mold and mildew are not only unsightly, but unhealthy. These fungi grow readily in damp areas and are found in the air breathed both indoors and outside. If left unaddressed, mold and mildew can threaten the health of a home’s inhabitants.